DIY Magnetic Putty
DIY Magnetic Putty
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The product will change due to temperature changes
In winter,It will harden and break easily.when you got it,pls warm it by your hand.
It will  soon restore softness and magnetic force after you warm it.
And in summer,it will slightly faded because temperature is too high. 
if you got the harden goods,pls warm it and not open dispute.
it's not borken,just temperature too low!! warm it is ok!!!
1. Magnetic mud containing magnetic powder composition, it can be magnet adsorption;
2. Random stretch, how to pinch how to pinch. Can give full play to your imagination, pinch into a variety of shapes;
3. white-collar workers and high-pressure people preferred, while venting anger to ease the pressure;
4. adults and children can play.
This product is air-dried stereotypes, please seal to save. If it gets dry, add a few drops of water and regain its energy immediately. Do not add too much water.
Material: safe grease
Packing: Single aluminum box
Weight: about 70g
Contains: a magnet, an aluminum box, a pack of magnetic mud, 4 eyes, a manual
1*modeling clay
Children need to be under the guardianship of adults to avoid eating by mistake
The cover of the box is not blank, it has LOGO and Words