White Teeth Whitening Pen
White Teeth Whitening Pen


Product Details

Applicable to smoke stains, tea stains, coffee, cola, red wine, colored food, bad habits and other reasons caused by yellow teeth, black teeth;

How To Use Teeth Whitening Pen:

After cleaning the teeth, remove the cap and rotate the end of the whitening pen until the essence overflows onto brush head. Then apply the product on the teeth evenly and rinse it with clean water after 15-20 minutes, we recomend to use 2-3 times per week.


1. Do not use this product if suffering from dental ulcers,broken gum, or after oral surgery.
 2. The user with sensitive teeth shall reduce the application times or use it under the guidance of dentist.
3. Not for the persons under the age of 16 and pregnant women.
4. Discontinue use if you feel unwell.

Package Included: 1pcs Teeth Whitening Pen